A better life for children, youth, and women in our communities.


Working together with children, youth, and women in western Kenya to identify available assets within and outside their communities so as to create sustainable wealth for them.


Service to all members especially the disadvantaged, Fairness in exercise of our mandate, Humility with those we interact with, Honesty of purpose, Love in the true sense of word and Equity opportunity.


Community Asset Building and Development Action (CABDA) is non-profit making organization established and registered by the NGO board of Kenya in the year 2005. The founder, having worked with 2 different international organizations, wanted to ensure that she establishes a grass root organization that has a local based structured system that will work together with families in communities to create sustainable wealth that will lead them to self -reliance.

This local organization, would then further, help in mobilizing assets within and outside the communities for the benefit of its own families while working with them to tackle Health, education, livelihood, local economies through job and wealth creation as well as tackling any other thing that may want to hinder their development.  In order to ensure all projects implemented have everlasting impact and sustainable within the communities, our organization will also get involved in capacity building and institutional strengthening for both its staff, volunteers, local groups, committees and local CSOs. This is important in ensuring community members and all key stakeholders are involved in every step of their own development.


The Council Members is the highest governing body in CABDA. The Council Members play a major role of oversight to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors provide leadership to the organization and deliver to the Council Members value over the long term

 The Board of Directors have an overall responsibility of management and oversight of the organization and its activities, while providing development leadership within a controlled framework.  The management structure that has 29 full time staff and 600 volunteers is headed by the Executive Director who reports to the Board of Directors. The management of the organization functions are planning, organizing, staffing, leading/directing, implementing, controlling/monitoring and motivation.

Contact Us

CABDA Main offices are located in
Kakamega Town
Off Mumias – Kakamega Road.
Behind Kakamega Hill School
P. O. Box 2978 – 50100, Kakamega, Kenya


0718 753 222