CABDA has worked with Communities and part ners under OVC project since 2007 to improve the lives of children and women in our communities.

The Orphans and Vulnerable Children and caregivers (OVC) support project focuses on most vulnerable children and caregivers from needy households in Kakamega East, South, Central and Hamisi communities.

The Project implements activities aimed at not only empowering the OVC, but the entire house­hold. Much focus is put on empowering the household heads and caregivers to be self reliant through the initiation of Village Savings and Loaning groups (VSLs) and income generating activities/Projects (IGAs) mo stly horticultural and organic farming for self­reliance.

The organization works with 4,567 OVC from 2,149 Households. The project has 68 CHVS, 7 LCHVS and 40 CHWs who work closely with the OVC and caregivers to ensure the right services are delivered to them as per the donor and or­ganization demand. The project has 53 caregivers group doing businesses through revolving loan given from CABDA for sustainability.

The Project in addition supports vulnerable youths to acquire vocational skills in carpentry, dressmaking, tailoring, hair dressing and electri­cal wiring, and also supported youth supported 57 youth in secretarial, computers and accounts who are now self reliant and able to cater for their young ones who need their support.



Improved access to education, health, shelter and care, food and protection for the OVC by empowering house hold economically.


To ensure child protection, warm and safe place for the child to reside.

To ensure that 100% of CABDA supported OVC attain basic education.

To strengthen HCBC program and referral systems through linkages.

To promote economic empowerment of OVC Households.

To provide Health care and nutritional support to the OVC.

To provide psycho-social support and counseling services to the OVC.


Provision ofuniforms and Shoes to OVC. Facilitation of registration and issuing of birth certificates to the OVC.

Distribution of sanitary pads to Female OVC. Training caregivers on integrated and organic farming and establishment kitchen garden. Training and provision of small loans to caregivers to start small businesses.

Training of PLWAs and formation of support groups.

Purchase pedigree bucks and giving them to community members to upgrade local goats by getting cross-bred goat kids.

Distribution ofblankets and mattresses to OVC. Payment of school fees for the OVC.

Train care givers on parental skills.

payment of school fees to youths in vocational

centres and colleges .

Provision ofrabbits grafted seeds to OVC groups Provision of chickens and improved nutritional sweet potatoes to groups.

Provision of goats to grandmothers.

Formation and training of VSL groups on VSL approach.

Enrolment of House holds on NHIF service. Monitoring and evaluation.


Managed to Retain 1272 OVCs in secondary schools through payment of their school fees. Best OVC performance so far has been A-.

Distributed 6462 blankets to 3,410 OVC.

Formed 8 Village savings and Loaning Groups (VSLs) with a membership of 138 and total savings amounting to Ksh.125,000 also engaged in different project including cow rearing, pigs keeping, poultry among others.

Renovated 13 houses for 21 OVC.

Distributed 7995 pairs of sanitary pads to female OVC.

Established 33 caregivers Self Help groups with total membership of 661 doing small businesses are able to provide basic needs for their OVC. Establishment of 10 support groups for strengthening PLWHIA for positive living and stigma reduction.

Established 4 Youth groups with total membership of 80 to discuss issues affecting them and make monthly savings to expand on their business activities.

80 OVC who received rabbits are able to sell young ones and buy basic needs & also pay school levies. Proceeds from the greenhouse Kshs.5,000 were used to do whole shopping for an OVC joining form one and started group pig project in 6 sub group.

Formed a CBOs for mobilization of more funds for community strengthening.

Maintained an online database for the 3410 OVC we support in OVC Longitudinal Management Information System (OLMIS).

Grandmothers who received 120 goats upgrades and can now afford at least 3 meals in a day from the proceeds received from sale of goats and goats products. They now have 100 off springs.

Supported 300 Vulnerable youths to acquire vocational skills in Carperty, Dress Making, Tailoring, Hair dressing and electrical wiring and are now self employed,

Supports 4 OVCs to acquire college and University education.